Meditation Group

My Approach

Through practicing with many people over the past few years or so, I have met so many people with their own unique backgrounds and stories to tell, each with their own meditation journey and their very own practice. Meditation is for everyone and anyone can practice it, it's just a case of finding a practice and approach that best works for you and your own lifestyle.

To me, this is very encouraging; it shows that regardless of who you are, where you come from or what you do or don't believe in, there is a meditation practice that can work for you. What also makes this possible is the extent of scientific research on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices that are being published, the stories people share on how it has helped them, but also the variety of different meditation techniques available to practice and explore.

I first encountered meditation through books written by Buddhist monks and so naturally I was inspired by Buddhist meditation techniques, and still am, though over the years I have explored a whole range of meditation techniques that have worked, and taking this approach forward, I teach mindfulness and meditation from a secular perspective, which supports my vision in making meditation available for everyone, regardless of who they are and regardless of what they do [or don't] believe in.

My teaching approach covers what I call 'Three Pillars of Practice' which simply refers to the mind, the body and the lifestyle, and how mindfulness and meditation fits in to all of those areas. I teach in this way as I want to offer a practice that can be flexible and work with the needs of everyone, making it a personal, enjoyable, and unique journey.