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What is Meditation?

Meditation is quite simply the practice of training the mind.


There are many different forms and techniques involved in meditation, and it has been around for thousands of years. It has survived the ages and still has so much to offer for the modern world, simply because it works. Regular meditation practice can offer some key qualities into our daily lives such as mindfulness, improved awareness and focus, the cultivation of wisdom and compassion, and establishing stillness and peace in turbulent times. It also offers a range of scientifically-proven benefits for ones mind, body, and overall wellbeing.

It's a practice that shows us how to become more engaged in our daily lives.


About Me

I'm Benjamin, professionally qualified Meditation Teacher with The British School of Meditation (BSoM) and The British School of Yoga (BSY), and founder of BC Mindfulness, a platform focused on sharing teachings and guidance on mindfulness and meditation, and developing awareness around mental health and wellbeing, and the role that meditation and mindfulness plays within that.

My meditation and mindfulness journey began in Autumn 2015 after I had stumbled across a book on meditation during a difficult period in my life with persistent anxiety, and extended periods of depression and challenging mental health. I was initially sceptical, but I was curious to see how it works. In the time since, I have experienced some truly profound and powerful benefits from incorporating a more mindful way of living and maintaining a regular meditation practice. I offer my sincerest thanks to the book that started this all.

In the beginning of 2019, I decided to embark on my first Meditation Teacher Training course, and since then, I have studied and practiced extensively, and would love to share the benefits of meditation, and the importance of putting aside just a few moments a day, to contribute to a happier and healthier lifestyle, and to develop a larger sense of community around meditation, mindfulness and mental health awareness.


A Regular Meditation Practice Offers Many Benefits

Modern science has uncovered a wide range of benefits associated with a regular meditation and mindfulness practice.

The Mind

Through a regular meditation practice, we become more familiar with the workings of our minds, and as we learn how to observe our thoughts, feelings and emotions, mindfulness offers us to bring some new skills to the table: awareness, focus, compassion, acceptance, non-judgement, discernment, and so on... 

Meditation practice helps us to understand our stream of thoughts and the tendencies of the mind, learning how to take a step back in sitting, observing and letting go. This process helps us to gradually understand how we can work with difficulties, and to improve our mental health and wellbeing through a regular practice.

The Body

More often than not, we find ourselves swept away by the worldly winds of daily life and commitments, and not only in our minds but in a physical sense too, and so our sense of security, connection and stability can sometimes seem to drift away. 


Through a regular meditation practice, we learn how to develop an enhanced sense of self-awareness, and a stronger relationship with our mind and our body. Learning how to come back to centre and to connect to the feeling of being rooted here and now can sometimes be the best antidote to being swept away by life's challenges and those worldly winds, and in fact prepares us best to face some of those physical and mental challenges head on.

The Lifestyle

When a meditation and mindfulness practice becomes a regular commitment, in the form of even just a few minutes a day, it will become apparent that the benefits of meditation and the skills we develop in this practice will arise in other areas of our life too.

Upon recognising this fact, this is where our meditation practice starts to get exciting and adventurous, as we can practice outside of our sitting meditation and incorporate some important skills in other areas such as our working lives, time with family and friends, our hobbies, and so on...

A meditation and practice is a lifestyle practice, an ever-growing practice that we can incorporate in our daily lives.